Donor Acquisition

Donor acquisition is a crucial component of not for profit fundraising strategies.

charity resource donor acquisition
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Donor acquisition is a crucial component of not-for-profit fundraising strategies. It refers to the process of identifying, attracting, and recruiting new donors to support an organisation’s mission. Donor acquisitions aim to expand the donor base, increase financial support, and ultimately grow the organisation’s capacity to achieve its goals

Features and benefits:

Target Audience Identification

We identify the ideal donor personas for you. We will research characteristics, interests, and behaviours of individuals or groups that have the greatest propensity to support your cause.

Message and Storytelling

Let us help craft a compelling message through storytelling. We can produce communications that clearly communicate your goals, the impact of your efforts, and why potential donors should get involved.

Engagement and Cultivation

Once potential donors are identified, engagement with them is crucial to building relationships. Depending on your preference, we can send regular updates, invitations to events or offer opportunities for involvement through support or volunteering.

Multi-Channel Approach

We can reach potential donors through a combination of online and offline methods to maximise your visibility.
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