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Charity Resource specialises in communication solutions in both physical and digital mediums

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Charity Resource specialises in communication solutions in both physical and digital mediums, and our Direct Mail Campaign service is an essential offering that enables you to connect with your audience effectively. 

Our service encompasses printing, production and mailing, allowing you to focus on your mission while we handle the intricacies of postal sortation and cost effective delivery. From postcards, flyers, catalogues, letters and more, this service has been an important part of the marketing mix for clients who wish to maximize their outreach to potential customers and drive up Return on Investment. 

Features and benefits:

Targeted Marketing

By segmenting your mailing lists based on various criteria, such as demographic, location, or behaviour, we can ensure that the campaign message is relevant to the recipient.

Design and Creativity

Our design service creates eye-catching and compelling mail packs that play a crucial role in gaining recipients' attention.

Tracking and Analytics

Our robust audit control system allows us to track your communications every step of the way. From leaving our factory floor to being delivered through a recipients letter box, we keep a close eye on making sure all materials are delivered.

Compliance and regulations

We adhere to UK postal regulations and General Data Protection Rules, guaranteeing you peace of mind when you work with us.


Targeted messages are delivered using audience segmented data, ensuring you deliver the right message through the right channel.
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