Charity Resource and Southside Project’s Christmas Chocolate Box Collection

As Charity Resource, we’re thrilled to share our most recent collaboration with the Southside Project. Following the success of our Easter egg collection event back last April, where we distributed 227 Easter eggs, we once again joined forces for a special Christmas initiative.

In December, we partnered with the Southside Project to collect Christmas chocolate selection boxes for families and children in the Bath and Northeast Somerset area. Our aim was simple yet impactful: to bring a bit of festive cheer to those who may be facing challenges during the holiday season.

The Southside Project charity operates as a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering accessible support services to families in challenging circumstances. With a primary objective of assisting families confronting various issues such as debt, domestic abuse, housing insecurities, and more, the charity extends a diverse array of services. These include counselling, financial guidance, and housing support, all aimed at aiding families in overcoming the obstacles they encounter.

Thanks to the generosity of our staff, suppliers, and community members, the event was a resounding success with over 300 boxes collected! The collected selection boxes were soon distributed to families and children, ensuring that they could enjoy a sweet treat during the holiday season.

This collaboration between Charity Resource and the Southside Project exemplifies the power of coming together for a common cause. By pooling our resources and working hand in hand, we’ve been able to make a meaningful impact on the community we serve. It’s a reminder of the importance of collaboration and the incredible things that can be achieved when individuals and organisations unite for a greater good.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to see how this collaboration will continue to flourish and positively impact the lives of individuals and families in the Bath and Northeast Somerset area. We are looking forward to future collaborations with the Southside Project.

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